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TypeNameDateProvided by
eBookTowards Service Robots for Everyday Environments21-06-13Wow! Ebook
eBookMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 Management and Administration21-06-13
eBookExpert MySQL, 2nd Edition21-06-13
eBookExpert C# 2005 Business Objects , 2nd Edition21-06-13
OtherACCA P1 Professional Accountant PA – Paper P1: Complete Text (2008-2014)19-06-13
OtherACCA P2 Corporate Reporting INT – Paper P2: Complete Text (2008-2014)19-06-13
OtherIP Expert – CCIE Lab Preparation – Video on demand19-06-13
OtherLinuxCBT – OpenSSHv2 Edition19-06-13
OtherTutsplus – jQuery UI 101: The Essentials19-06-13
OtherCBT Nuggest – Exam-Pack IP 642-444 Cisco CCVP CIPT VoIP19-06-13
OtherCBT Nuggest – Citrix Virtualization CCA XenApp Infrastructure 6A18 Course19-06-13
OtherOxford Business English: Big City, Level 1-3 (03DVD)19-06-13
OtherPhilosophy of Mind – Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines (2013)19-06-13
OtherK-Alliance – Adobe Photoshop CS6 Basic19-06-13
OtherK-Alliance : Adobe Photoshop CS6 Advanced19-06-13
OtherYoga Live Online with Travis Eliot19-06-13
OtherThe Gnomon Workshop – Comic Book Coloring With Steve Firchow19-06-13
OtherThe Gnomon Workshop: Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch (4 Vols)19-06-13
OtherCG Cookie – Introduction to Character Modeling in Blender19-06-13
TemplateDigital Tutors – Designing Thought – Provoking Infographics in Illustrator CS619-06-13
OtherDigital Tutors-Creating UV Layouts for Cartoon Characters in 3ds Max (2013)19-06-13
OtherDigital Tutors – Creating a Portfolio-Ready Demon Concept in ZBrush19-06-13
OtherSteve Nison – Candlesticks Re-Ignited19-06-13
OthercmiVFX – Mocha Pro Advanced18-06-13
OtherRank Mogul SEO Training by John Limbocker18-06-13
OtherPluralsight – Google Charts by Example18-06-13
ScriptHTML5 Projects – Photo Card Titles with Joseph Lowery18-06-13
OtherPluralsight – Using Glimpse With ASP.NET, MVC4, and Entity Framework18-06-13
OtherPluralsight – Building a Real Application With Kinect18-06-13
OtherPluralsight – Making Java And C# Work Together: JVM and .NET CLR Interop18-06-13
ScriptHTML5 Projects: Creating Surveys18-06-13
OtherLynda – jQuery Essential Training18-06-13
OtherJavaScript: Enhancing the DOM (2013)18-06-13
OtherTuts+ Premium – Recording Video With a DSLR18-06-13
OtherLynda – Bootstrap Adding Interactivity to Your Site18-06-13
OtherLinuxCBT – Proxy Edition18-06-13
OtherTutsplus – CodeIgniter Best Practices18-06-13
OtherMathematics: Trigonometry with: Professor Murray18-06-13
OtherUsing Lightroom and Photoshop Together18-06-13
OtherTutsPlus – UI Elements in Photoshop18-06-13
OtherLinuxCBT – Ruby Edition18-06-13
OtherLinuxCBT – Parallel-SSH Edition18-06-13
OtherMark Hancock – English Pronunciation in Use Series18-06-13
eBookNetwork Administrators Survival Guide18-06-13
eBookSmashing Mobile Web Development18-06-13
eBookThe Web Application Defender’s Cookbook18-06-13
eBookSparse Grids and Applications18-06-13
eBookFoundations of Geometric Algebra Computing, 3rd Edition18-06-13
eBookMobile Phone Security and Forensics: A Practical Approach18-06-13
eBookProgramming Entity Framework: DbContext18-06-13