Ways to Have Hotter, More Spontaneous Sex, Which Your Partner Will Actually Want

Ways to Have Hotter, More Spontaneous Sex, Which Your Partner Will Actually Want
Having hotter, more spontaneous sex is a mutual desire for both you and your partner. Both of you should be filled with passion and sync of getting intimate when the sex mood comes knocking, but how well are you prepared for one another? This feeling can suddenly be chartered by increasing complex life challenges, which in return can lower your libido making it almost impossible to achieve much-desired spontaneous sex.
The sudden loss of appetite can be caused by either you being more proactive with other activities or your partner not being in the mood. These challenges are dangerous to a relationship and can make sex feel like something you are just trying to create time for amidst your busy, schedule but how can you spice it up?
Regardless of the underlying reasons, the following are ways that can make save that relationship and give your partner a hotter, more spontaneous sex that your partner actually wants.
Change the way you view sex
Traditionally, sex is just an act of penetration of a penis in the vagina for sex purposes, but with the emergence of heterosexual relationships, there seems to be a lot of pressure. More activities like oral sex, sex toys, and fingering are the newest sexual activities, which seems to be less cumbersome than the actual intercourse and this makes sex consume much less time.
While at it, think of your partner’s pleasures too, in case one fails to orgasm more often, spontaneous sex can seem worthless, but you can save your partner by meeting his sexual needs and making sex more appealing. Engage your partner should conversations in a bid to try to recognize each other’s desires and preferences.
.Include spontaneous sex in your schedule
Just like any other task, spontaneous sex needs planning and proper scheduling. It is important to find time amidst your busy schedule for that romantic session. Try to fix it in between the tasks like in between doing dishes and putting kids to bed. Find time for a romantic evening when you can both be alone, this can be a guaranteed time spontaneous time together away from work schedules.
In case you are the one who always initiates sex, try and make a game of it, you can ask your partner to request for it half of the week, and you ask at another half, make it fun asking for it and before you know it your partner can rise up and your sex life is all spiced up.
Make occasional flirts with your partner.
Flirting is a powerful tool in a relationship but very different from any individual. Find out what your partner wants and flirt about it, try sending some flirty texts and let him know that you are in the mood, play together, play some romantic music when having, and initiate a dance. All make your partner feel loved. You can be surprised when this ignites the fire in him, which can lead to hot and steamy sex.
Recognize each other’s desires.
One of the important aspects of spontaneous sex is to recognize each other’s desires. It is important to know his desires and preferences to avoid asking what is not wanted. Get to know the best time your partner wants it is. Understand whether your partner is a morning or evening person and works around that time, discuss together, and come to a conclusion on what best works for both of you.
Avoid approaching sex with so many expectations and pressures, make sex a part of having fun with him, make it a game and take every opportunity to explore more varieties and desires. It may sound simple, but you and your partner need to have open communication in a bid to make it work. A relationship is not easy, it is a learning process that requires a lot of work and sacrifice.
Understanding each other and knowing their needs is very important. Be willing to discuss your individual needs and respect each other’s boundaries. Incorporating these factors can lead to healthy, fun, a fulfilling relationship that leads to hotter, and more spontaneous sex.