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TypeNameDateProvided by
GameThe Banner Saga (2014)
GameDivinity Original Sin (2014) 04-07-14
GameBlackguards Contributor Edition (2014)04-07-14
GameMotoGP 14 (2014) 04-07-14
GameSniper Elite 3 (2014) 04-07-14
GameCloudbuilt (2014) 04-07-14
GameHitman Ultimate Collection (2000-2012) 04-07-14
GameWolfenstein: The New Order (2014) 04-07-14
GameTransformers Rise of The Dark Spark( XBOX360)04-07-14
GameCall of Duty: World at War (2008) (XBOX360)04-07-14
GameHow to Train Your Dragon 2 PAL (XBOX360)04-07-14
GameSniper Elite III (XBOX360)04-07-14
GameGRID Autosport (XBOX360)04-07-14
GameRochard v1.50.38 (Android)03-07-14ShadyBytes
GameAnomaly 2 v1.2 (Android)03-07-14
GameOscilab v1.1 (Android)03-07-14
GameWarhammer 40,000 Carnage v182886 (Android)03-07-14
GameSamurai II Vengeance v1.1.2 (Android)03-07-14
GameEvolution Battle for Utopia v1.4 (Android)03-07-14
GameDrag Racing 3D v1.7.3 (Android)03-07-14
GameSimon the Sorcerer 2 v1.0.3.0 (Android)03-07-14
GameDivinity Original Sin03-07-14
GameDivinity : Original Sin (2014)02-07-14Epicshares
GameSniper Elite 330-06-14
GameSniper Elite III (PS3)30-06-14ShadyBytes
GameTransformers Rise of The Dark Spark (PS3)30-06-14
GameHow To Train Your Dragon 2 (Wii)30-06-14
GameMotoGP 14 (PS3)30-06-14
GameBike Race Pro by T. F. Games v4.0 (Android)30-06-14
GameSki Safari Adventure Time v1.0.4 (Android)30-06-14
GameBreach and Clear v1.3.0p (Android)30-06-14
GameSniper Elite III30-06-14
GameDynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn (PS3)30-06-14
GameWatch Dogs (PS3)30-06-14
GameLe Tour de France 2014 (PS3)30-06-14
GameSid Meiers Civilization V Complete Edition 30-06-14
GameParanormal State Poison Spring Collectors Edition 30-06-14
GameValiant Hearts The Great War30-06-14
GameShadowrun Returns Deluxe Edition30-06-14
GameLifeless Planet30-06-14
GameSniper Elite 330-06-14
GameZeno Clash 2 Special Edition30-06-14
GameThe Banner Saga 30-06-14
GameOne Piece Unlimited World Red PS330-06-14
GameDynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn PS330-06-14
GameSniper Elite III PS330-06-14
GameGRID Autosport PS330-06-14
GameOne Piece Unlimited World Red (PS3)27-06-14ShadyBytes